Insightful interview by Creations by Ly

Ryan was recently interviewed by fabulous wedding planner Nadia Ly of Creations by Ly. Head on over to her blog for a little insight on what inspires Ryan and his photography. Nadia is one of our favorite planners to work with. She has great taste, and coordinates your wedding in a relaxing and friendly way that is sure to make you enjoy every minute!

Kristin + David | slideshow update!

Kristin & David’s wedding was punctuated by colorful details, a few funky surprises (check out those sunglasses!), and lots of laughter. A big heartfelt thank-you to you both for being so wonderful to photograph!




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Olivia + Bethany

We recently met up with Olivia & Bethany at Mt. Tabor Park on a not-so-sunny-yet-still-beautiful day for their engagement shoot. After hiking up to the top of the park (shooting along the way, of course) for a view of downtown Portland from the spot where Bethany took Olivia by surprise with her proposal, they were kind enough to climb up into a huge old oak tree at my request. Thanks you two, we are looking forward to your wedding in July!

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Engagement Session | Miki + Martin

Martin & Miki wanted to take full advantage of sunny spring skies and ample snow on Mt. Hood for their engagement session. They were not disappointed! We had a great time with them and had a lot of fun at two beautiful locations.  We started off at Trillium Lake with a beautiful view of the mountain. After hiking around the lake a bit, we made our way up to Timberline Lodge to enjoy the evening light. Martin and Miki were tough as they trekked over the snow above the lodge in their sandals! We definitely appreciate it when couples we work with make that extra effort for an amazing photo–thanks guys! We are looking forward to an awesome wedding this summer!


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Local Blog Love

Local Portland wedding blog for all things stylish & chic, Portland Style Unveiled, recently featured an image from Matt & Logan’s Mt. Hood Wedding! You can check it out here:

If you are unfamiliar with this amazing wedding on our very own Mt. Hood, CLICK HERE!

Details, Details, Details

There were so many amazing details from Matt & Logan’s Mt. Hood wedding that they deserve a blog post of their own! What really stood out to us about the details and planning of their wedding was the uber-creativity and DIY aesthetic that defined every last detail, as well as an environmentally sensitive approach.  Not to mention the thoughtfulness and soul that imbued everything. For example, the image below is of a newspaper flower. As beautifully simplistic as it is, the real beauty of this detail comes from it’s backstory….

As Logan explains it, the newspaper-flower idea was born from their Sunday morning routine of reading the New York Times together–a simple pleasure they love.

There were literally hundreds of these flowers worked into the decorations for the wedding, and each one was hand cut and put together by the bride and groom, with a little help from family and friends.  This is particularly amazing given the fact that they both finished medical school the week before the wedding! [I will be signing up for productivity and time-management classes as soon as they start offering them!]

Click on the image to continue reading and see more of the stunning details from this unique wedding.

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Sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge

This image is loosely inspired by one of my favorite photographers, Walker Evans. His 1929 photo of the Brooklyn Bridge is so iconic that I don’t think I can photograph this awesome structure without thinking about his work. Luckily for me, my equipment has the technological ability to capture the saturated colors of the sunset as well as the dramatic shape and form of the bridge.  We have come a long way in 80 years! Although, shooting with an 8×10 view camera as Evans did would be pretty sweet!

We just returned from a few days in NYC. Whenever we visit this city, my favorite activity is simply to walk (with camera in hand, of course). Visiting museums, galleries, and eating comes in at a close second, however! You will never get bored walking around New York if you enjoy observing people and the constant hum of the city. This was the first time we walked over the bridge. As you can tell from the photo on the right, I was pretty excited!

Spring Traditions

This post may seem a little off-topic, but it is our hope that you can get a glimpse of what we love to do in addition to our wedding and portrait work. We have had a number of adventures over the past few months that we are excited to share!  Our travel and adventure blog has been on a hiatus for a few months, so until that becomes operational again, we will be sharing some adventures with you here. Enjoy!

For backcountry skiers in the Portland/Vancouver area, the transition from Winter to Spring brings a wealth of ski opportunities. The height of the Cascade volcanoes and a generally plentiful snowpack translates to skiing well into the early months of summer. For me, this usually includes a trip up Mt. St. Helens in addition to other forays into the alpine. Saturday was a beautiful day to get out on the mountain. Click the image at right, taken looking north into the crater from the summit rim, to view images of the ride down!


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A Spring Wedding on Mt. Hood!

One of the best aspects of calling the Northwest home as a photograper is the diversity of amazing locations. Beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, cool towns, pastoral valleys . . . I’m sure you’ve heard it all before (but it’s true)! One of our favorite aspects of being wedding photographers is the rare opportunity to photograph weddings of friends. I say rare, because often we don’t even get to attend friends’ weddings due to prior bookings. You may think this could be perceived as unenjoyable work to us, but it is quite the contrary. We love the opportunity to capture the spirit and moments of a wedding for all of our clients, but it is especially rewarding when you have a special connection and history with the bride and groom.  All this aligned in April when we were able to photograph the wedding of our dear friends Matt & Logan on Mt. Hood!

Being avid moutain folk (Matt hails from Central Oregon, and Logan from Colorado), they chose Silcox Hut at Timberline as the epicenter for their wedding celebration. Their family and friends converged there for an intimate celebration under the stars and the peak of Mt. Hood.  It encompassed everything the Oregon Cascades have to offer in spring: a little snow, a little sun, and nice conditions for a ski back to the lodge the next morning! Logan also put a ton of time into many thoughtful details that warrant their own blog post, so stay tuned for more. For the time being, we hope you enjoy some images of this amazing couple!

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Nicole + Marcus

Nicole & Marcus recently married on a beautiful spring day, and were a pleasure to photograph. Their love and joyful spirit was evident the entire day and was hard not to capture in every image. You can tell these two really enjoy being with each other! Thank you, Marcus & Nicole, for including  us in this day!


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