Michal + Bryant / Columbia Edgewater Country Club Wedding

What a day for a sunny springtime wedding! Michal and Bryant were married at Portland’s Columbia Edgewater Country Club. This was one of the most boisterous group of guys we have photographed in a while!  Despite the groomsmen’s antics, Michal glowed with a graceful beauty the entire day. The day was also full of surprises including a mariachi band, dart-gun ambush on the dance-floor, and Bryant’s spontaneous rendition of Prince’s Kiss (thankfully, not at the same time)!

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Vivian + Brian / Mt. Hood Silcox Hut Wedding

There were a few touches of green at Vivian & Brian’s St. Patricks Day wedding, but mostly just radiant blue & sparkling white.

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Hannah + Sam / Timberline Lodge Wedding

Hannah & Sam experienced the best combination of mountain weather for their wedding at Timberline Lodge. A major storm hit night before, leaving massive amounts of snow clinging to the lodge and the trees,  but by morning the skies were sparkling blue. Not a bad start for this great couple!

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Zach + Sandra / Texas Hill Country Wedding

After celebrating with Zach & Sandra, we’re apt to believe that all Texas weddings include sweltering heat AND a thunderstorm!

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Catherine + Mark / Lincoln, Massachusetts Wedding

Catherine & Mark were married just outside Boston near Catherine’s childhood home. I’ve always admired individuals that maintain lasting friendships into adulthood with those that they were close to in childhood. In my opinon, it speaks directly to the strength of one’s character & it’s something I’ve always aspired to. This was definitely an evident characteristic in both Catherine & Mark. It was awesome to see so many people attend the wedding that had been close to them their entire lives.

The wedding also happened to be just down the road from Walden Pond, and right around the corner from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s house.  This was our first extended trip to New England, and we Left Coaster’s were impressed by the nearness of so much of our nation’s early history. This area of Massachusetts has done a fantastic job of preserving old farmland as public space and it is surrounded by woods & meadowland,  and we loved taking advantage of the pastoral setting for photos.  We were a little early for all the fall color,  so we hope we can get back to see it (and photograph it) again someday. Catherine and Mark, thank you for a great introduction to New England!

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Katie + Patrick’s Photobooth

We hope you enjoy the highlight reel!

Music: Wonder Why, by Vetiver

Flynne + Jordan / Mt. Hood Silcox Hut Wedding

A clear December evening in a cozy cabin with the mountain to yourselves. Winter weddings in the Northwest don’t get much better than this! Shot on Mt. Hood at the Silcox Hut above Timberline Lodge.

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Meaghan + Dianne / Gorge Crest Wedding

Meahan & Dianne had a late-Summer wedding overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.  Although clouds & forest fires hid Mt. Hood for part of the day, the view from Gorge Crest Farms was still stunning. We really enjoyed getting to know these two lovely ladies & seeing all the heart & soul they put into planning this day. It was particularly wonderful to see their families come together to celebrate their relationship. Everyone got a long so well and genuinely enjoyed each other so much that it was hard at times to tell which side of the family they belonged to, which is what a wedding is really all about!

Venue: Gorge Crest Farms
Event Design & Coordination:Hitched in the Hood
Catering: Blossoms Catering
Photobooth: FS Photography

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Brandon and Stephanie’s Mt. Hood Organic Farms Wedding

Yes, Brandon & Stephanie chose a stunning venue for their wedding (Mt. Hood Organic Farms is one of our favorites); yes, nearly every detail was lovingly thought out and designed by the couple; and yes, the food was amazing (more on that later). Despite these things, the most memorable part of this wedding was the pure joy that emanated from this couple the entire day–infusing every inch of their ceremony and celebration with a palpable enthusiasm. We see grooms shed a tear or two now and then, but it was really touching to see the tears welling up in Brandon’s eyes while he was hanging out with his groomsmen, well before the ceremony and seeing his bride.

Back to the food. Mt. Hood Organic Farms prides itself on preparing delicious fresh, local foods yet this wedding took that locavore concept one step further. The bride and groom grew nearly all the fruits & vegetables on the menu on their small farm outside Portland. We had the opportunity to meet them there for a photo session earlier in the Summer, and it was awesome to see all their hard work savored by their close friends and family. I could go on about how much we enjoyed shooting this wedding, but will let the photos tell the rest of the story . . .

Bride and Groom in yellow wildflowers at Mt. Hood Organic Farms
Married couple walking toward Mt. Hood
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