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Frank Costanza is advised to say “serenity now” aloud every time his blood pressure is in danger of going up, but he yells it instead. Jerry’s girlfriend (Lori Loughlin) gives his Knicks tickets away. She comments that she has never seen him get “real mad.” George gets Kramer to help him fix his parents’ screen door. They remove the old door and Kramer takes it with him. Frank is selling personal computers in his garage, he wants to bring George into his business. Mr. Lippman’s son takes advantage of “becoming a man” at his bar mitzvah to tongue-kiss Elaine.

Kramer installs the screen door outside his apartment to give his apartment “the cool evening breezes of Anytown, USA,” and turns his hallway into a small town front porch, complete with barbecue grill, lawn chairs, potted plants, and American flag. Kramer sits on his porch with the “fireworks” (a sparkler). George’s first impulse is to quit but he decides it is finally time to take on his arch-rival, Lloyd Braun, whom Frank has also hired to sell computers. When Jerry learns how to get mad, it releases all his other feelings, including caring and another that results in his proposing to Elaine.

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