Chelsea + Jeff / Silverton, OR, Wedding

Chelsea and Jeff were a blast to photograph!  Their wedding, in all it’s sparkling-golden-glory, was held in the hills outside Silverton, OR, at Abiqua Country Estate.

Wedding couple in an embrace close-up. Bride and groom surrounded ball tall trees and green bushes.

Bride with red tropical flower shoulder tattoo. Groom in black suit with gold tie and bride stand under trees. Groom with black suit and gold tie. Bridesmaids in wedding party with gold-sequined skirts.

Bridesmaids in gold sequin skirts sitting on vintage furniture.

Bridesmaids wearing gold sequin skirts.

Groomsmen in black suits with gold ties.

Groomsmen in black suits with gold ties. Wedding ceremony under tall evergreen fir trees. Bride and groom kissing during ceremony under garlands. Bride with red tropical flower shoulder tattoo. Outdoor wedding reception table with gold and white details.

Bride and groom kissing under tree with white twinkle lights.

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